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At DubKart, our goal is to offer you quality products at prices that are way lesser than big e-commerce websites. We ship quickly and in most cases we assure you that you'll receive your order on the very next day! We've been in the e-commerce business since 2014 and customer happiness stays at the bottom of our hearts. Rest assured, we won't disappoint you!



Raju manages everyone and everything at DubKart, with incredible attention to detail to ensure every customer is a returning customer. Amongst the various tricks he packs up his sleeve, the one that stands out is that if you give this man any problem, he will solve it! Tried and tested!


Our resident e-commerce expert, sits on the computer all day, and hopes to get an order from you! He's a no nonsense person, talks only a little bit but gets a lot of work done! He's the backbone of our business!


Newly joined and out to achieve, he's simple, yet effective. When our goods arrive, which we hope to sell, he's the one that does all the quality checks so that you are never disappointed!


An aspiring young gentleman, does every bit of operation within the company you can imagine. If an order has reached you, this man has most likely packaged it to perfection! He really puts his heart into it!


Ensures customer happiness! Her KPIs also include providing motivation and moral support to the team so that they're on their A game all day, every day! She complements our top-team in every possible way!

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