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Falling Tumbling Monkey Board Drinking Party Game - For Kids & Adults

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  • Fosters a classic game of skill and action that's easy to learn and fun to play
  • Players set the monkeys in the tree and move the sticks according to the coloured die
  • The winner is when all the monkeys fall from the tree, the game is over, the player with the fewest monkeys wins
  • Package includes 3 monkeys, 3 sticks 1 tree top 1 base 1 back of trunk 1 dice green blue & orange dice color
  • How to play: The game consists of a set of monkey figures to be balanced on thin straight sticks. The first step is to put all the 30 monkeys into the tree top if any monkeys fall through the net to the base pick them up and put them into the tree top again until all the monkeys are kept on the tree then start the game. When it is your turn throw the dice then draw out a stick with the same color as the dice from the top layer of the tree. If any monkeys fall to the base from the tree these monkeys belong to you and it is the turn for the next player. The player should draw out the stick with the same color as the dice from the top most layer. It is your luck when there is not any stick with the same color as the dice. You don't have to draw out the stick at this turn. When all the monkeys fall down from the tree the game is over the player with the least monkeys win.
  • Preparation before playing- 1. Install the tree (prepare the base, combine the backs together, then place the tree on it) . 2. There are 5 layers of holes in the trunk, with 6 small sticks for one layer and 2 sticks for one color 3. Insert sticks from all directions into the holes of the same layer to make a net to catch the monkeys. Each hole requires at least one rod. 4. Put all 30 monkeys on the tree, if any monkeys fall through the net to the base, pick them up and put them on the tree again, until all the monkeys catch on the stick.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Just Good

A classic game with a twist that everyone enjoys

Mia Carvalho

Very nice, I really like it

Aditya Patel

Great way to bond with friends and family

Karan Sharma

Quality materials ensure durability.

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